We guide you in selecting the appropriate furniture and equipment best suited to your industry.

We insure that your workstations are designed and built to fit each employee, avoiding costly retrofitting and work related injuries.

We use an interactive hands-on approach,  to educate you and your employees in healthy work habits.

Using the latest technology and equipment we demonstrate how to adjust your work environment to best fit your specific needs.

We offer in depth consultations to identify and eliminate risk factors for repetitive strain and musculoskeletal injuries.  

This includes coaching on healthier work habits.

Virtual consultations are available on request.

Facilities Planning

who we are.

Susan Palleschi, founder of Palleschi & Associates, is a leading Bay Area ergonomist who specializes in designing and setting up offices to prevent injuries.

She has over 20 years experience in workplace ergonomics, including corporate offices, medical facilities, private practices, research laboratories and home offices. Her holistic approach to ergonomics is an invaluable resource to start-ups or companies in transition, whether relocating, expanding or remodeling.

Susan is frequently consulted by major manufacturers to evaluate new technology in ergonomic equipment and provide feedback on design and function. She regularly conducts ergonomic workshops.

Susan is a principal consultant for one of the largest health care insurers in the US.

Preventing work related injuries since 2000